Graeme Gallagher: Photographer, Community Activist, Musician
SYS Studios & IYMAs
Drummer for the SYS Studios Band performing in the 2023 IYMAS

Graeme is currently part of a band in SWAN Youth Service's music programme SYS Studios. They will perform an original song at the 2023 Irish Youth Music Awards (IYMAs) in May.

A Playful City & SWAN Youth Service
Graeme participated in a group in SWAN working in partnership with A Playful City to explore how young people can reclaim their local area!
A Playful City's workshops implement how SWAN can use their outdoor surroundings to reach the community through lightweight and mobile designed elements! 
Photography Portfolios
Explore the gallery to view a selection of Graeme's photographic work, looking at contrast between dereliction and development in the north inner city. 
This series shows the difference between the graffiti, derelict buildings and neglect in the north inner city compared to the beauty of the countryside.